Event Photography

I love event photography as it combines portrait photography with storytelling and documentary photography.

From red carpet events in Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa to birthday parties and corporate events. I love them all and am happy to document your special event.

Johannesburg Event Photography

I am based in Sandton, South Africa, but I do travel all over for events. I photograph events ranging from red carpet events to corporate events, product launches, and birthday parties.

Focusing on the story, blending in with your guests, capturing stunning portraits, and making sure to catch those special candid moments are all my focus.

I am confident that my extensive portrait photography experience combines with my street photography experience to make me an event photographer that can really deliver unique images of your events. Street photography keeps me sharp and fast to catch fleeting candid moments and my portrait experience working in fashion and with celebrities helps me get those stunning portraits and interactions.

My images have been published in various print and online publications ranging from the Sunday Times to News24 (Channel24) and IOL. Whatever your event that needs photography I am sure that I will be able to deliver what you need.

For most events, I do both more formal portraits (usually when guests arrive) with strobe lights set up to create beautiful well-lit portraits. After this, I transition to capturing the events unfolding and thus I work with light and portable gear from this point. This second part is more about the candid moments and proceedings of the day. All events are different though and I am happy to discuss your needs.

Contact me today and we can discuss your needs for your event. I will also send you a rate card and explain exactly how we can work together to make your event one that will be remembered for a long time.